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About Us

Why We Started

In 2020 we noticed 3 major problems in the food industry in Karachi, Pakistan.

1) No Local High Protein Snacks

Tired of searching shelves for local high protein snacks? so were we! We took it upon ourselves to create the first locally manufactured protein bar in Pakistan!

2) No Macro Counted Meals

We couldn't find meals that were 100% transparent. Aside from the number of calories, that only a few mentioned, people were left in the dark about how much protein, carbs, and fats made up the calories they consumed.

3) No Affordable Options

It seemed like wherever we looked, we couldn't find healthy options that were in the affordable range. All the snacks were imported, and the meals weren't pocket friendly.


Who Are We?

The Second and Third generation of a family with more than 60 years in the food industry. We pride ourselves on having an active board of family directors only.

All our products were originally made by us, for ourselves, then quality controlled and scaled for production once we saw them bring value into our lives first.

First made in our home, then made in our factory for you. Our products go through this process, as we believe this helps us uphold our quality and standard.


Our Vision

Our aim is to make nutrition simple and convenient by being a singular destination that takes care of all your nutritional needs.

We're on track to open physical stores across the country to bring our entire range to the people of Pakistan.

Currently our meals are only delivered in Karachi. However our Protein bars and Granola Bars are delivered all over Pakistan.